Creative Arts

Hello, and thanks for visiting! Creative Arts is an umbrella ministry of Bridgeway Christian Church, harnessing the multitude of talents within our congregation to worshipfully, creatively and technically support ministry events and services across campus. The Creative Arts technical team takes an active role in managing all production areas at the church campus including in the fields of Audio, Video, Lighting, & Staging production. We have a plethora of artists in our community that paint, draw, write, dance and express their worship through the arts. Our worship teams are involved in multiple gatherings weekly to lead our congregation, men’s and women’s groups, youth and more in worshiping our Lord through music.

 Please feel free to browse each service area within Creative Arts below. If you’re interested in any of the following volunteer ministry options, we’d love to hear from you!



Worship is so much more than something we do-- it's the essence of who we are. As believers, one of the primary ways that we express our love for the Lord is through worship, and as a ministry that is our primary calling-- to lift high the name of Jesus so that others may enter into a place of love, adoration, and reverence.

If you have a heart and a gifting to lead others into worship through music please let us know-- we'd love to find a place for you to serve.


Choir- Voices of Bridgeway

The choir is an extension of our worship team. For centuries people have been coming together to lift their voices in harmony with one-another in praise, and that's exactly why the "Voices Of Bridgeway" choir exists. If you have a heart to sing praise with a community of like-minded brothers and sisters then this is the place for you.


The Photography team is intricately involved in visually documenting our weekend services and special events at Bridgeway. The photos you see on the website and social media posts are often times images captured by this team of our church family in action. If you have an eye for composing pictures, want to hone your skills or you are ready to jump in and start using your photography skills to serve the Lord, we could use you on the photography team.


We believe that worship is not solely expressed any one way. Rather, much like people are unique, so too are our expressions of love for the Lord. Haven is creatively interacting with God. If you are an artist, a cook, a writer, a dancer, a creative Bible journaler, a singer, or a person who simply loves to tell the Lord you love Him in a creative way, then please come and be a part of our Haven ministry.

Service Directors

Our service director team is vital to the execution of seamless and transformative services on weekends here at Bridgeway. The role of the service director is to coordinate with all parties involved with a weekend service while making sure everyone knows where to be and when. If you are good at managing multiple things at one time, communicating efficiently and critically processing solutions while in the moment, then we have a place for you!


One of the most important parts of the church experience at Bridgeway is being able to hear the Word of God. Whether it’s spoken by our many incredible teachers and guests, or sung by our talented worship team, Bridgeway’s audio team exists to provide a balanced and cohesive audio mix during worship, and clear intelligible spoken word during preaching. Our Front of House team is charged to serve the congregation by delivering a musical mix that isn’t too loud, and isn’t too quiet. Our Monitor team sits side stage and serves the worship team by providing a clear in ear monitor mix so that the band can lead the congregation without distraction. At Bridgeway we are blessed to have a growing and vibrant online community that engages with church via our video streaming platforms. Across town and around the world we are joined each weekend by missionaries, military personel, college students, families on vacation or home sick desiring to grow with us to a whole, new life. To better serve this vital part of our community we will be launching a new audio position early next year, 2020, that is wholly focused on mixing the weekend services live to stream allowing us to better deliver the Bridgeway experience wherever they may be. Whether a seasoned pro or just starting out, if you love music and have a desire to learn and serve behind the scenes, we would love to talk about how you can be involved in any of these exciting audio ministries.


As a church we value a creative and interactive environment. Through our video production we charge into ensuring the community stays up to date with relevant events and special opportunities within the church that make Bridgeway unique. We use diverse storytelling techniques to support and engage with our community as well as invite others into the Bridgeway family. If you have a heart for storytelling and a background in cameras we would love you to join our team.


After God created the earth and the heavens, He created light. Anywhere you look, your eyes see amazing colors and beautiful environments. The lighting team at Bridgeway is tasked with creating comfortable yet powerful environments in which the congregation can freely worship with minimal distraction. Our lighting team creatively uses theatrical lighting to focus attention, paint the air and harmonize with the energy on stage. Whether the attention is focused at musicians, preachers, or videos, our goal is to always point people to God. If you feel you have a creative knack and an artistic eye, please consider joining the lighting team.

Staging and Design

As a church we value the visual arts and lean into creative and inviting spaces to worship in. Periodically, we have a team that gets together to create new stage designs for our worship venues to create visually appealing backdrops that help to compliment live worship music and the message. Additionally, there are certain holiday times of the year where we lean into this team to help transform our campus into an inviting environment for our church community that feels festive and fresh. If you have an eye for design or a skill set that is in the construction trade, we would love to talk with you about how you can be involved in this ministry.