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Apr 28, 2002

Acts Part 4

“Passion for the Church”
Acts Series – Part 4
Acts 2:42-47
Passion for the Church

“As Christians we’re called to belong, not just to believe.”
Rick Warren

“Whenever we see the church through the template of an organization, we begin creating an institution.  When we relate to the church as an organism, we begin to awaken an apostolic ethos, which unleashes the movement of God.  The power and life of God’s Spirit working in his people result in nothing less than cultural transformation.”  Erwin McManus

•    What is a church?

•    Read Acts 2:42-47

Devoted Christians (2:42)

Believers on Fire - (2:43)

Unselfish Community - (2:44-45)

On a Mission - (2:46a)

Fun & Fellowship - (2:46b-47a)

Healthy Growth - (2:47b)


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