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Nov 18, 2007

Malachi Part 3

A Community of Injustice
Malachi Series – Pt. 3
Malachi 2:17-3:5
God Warns Israel of Judgment

“Yield in all things personal but be firm where truth and holiness are concerned.”  C. H. Spurgeon

“On the biblical basis there are absolutes, and therefore we can say that certain things are right or wrong, including racial discrimination and social injustice.”
Francis Schaefer, How Should we Then Live

When We ________ & _____________, We _____________ God’s Name

What You Think, Matters
•    Israel’s Perspective Irritates the Lord (2:17)

I Promise
•    The Messiah Will Come (3:1)

A Refiner’s Fire
•    When the Messiah Returns He will Ferociously Purify (3:2-4)

No Fear
•    God Holds Injustice Accountable (3:5)

Helpful Info on Understanding Malachi
•    Ancient prophets didn’t know about (see) a break between the Messiah’s first visit and second (or that there were two).  They assumed, like most Jews, that it was going to all be at the same time. So they speak about His coming and judgment all at the same time.
•    They knew of the ‘Suffering Servant’ Messiah (who would suffer for the cleansing of sin – Messiah ben Josef), and they knew of the ‘Coming Ruler King’ (who would separate and purify, restoring Israel – Messiah ben David), but they thought it was two Messiah’s (at least).  They never imagined it would be the same Messiah (Jesus) who would die, raise again, and come back for judgment.

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