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Jul 06, 2008 | Lance Hahn

Matthew - Part 1

Turning the World Upside Down

Matthew Series – Part 1


Intro & Matthew Chapters 1 & 2

Christ’s Birth Moves Nations


Scholars are agreed that the first gospel as it stands does not come directly from the hand of Matthew…But one of the earliest Church historians, a man called Papias, gives us this intensely important piece of information: “Matthew collected the sayings of Jesus in the Hebrew tongue.” So, then, we can believe that it was none other than Matthew who wrote that book which was the source from which all men must draw, if they wished to know what Jesus taught.,…Broadly speaking, to Mark we owe our knowledge of the events of Jesus’ life; to Matthew we owe our knowledge of the substance of Jesus’ teaching.” Daily Bible Series


“…it appears Matthew had at least two reasons for writing. First, he wanted to show unbelieving Jews that Jesus is the Messiah. Matthew had found the Messiah, and he wanted others to come into that same relationship. Second, Matthew wrote to encourage Jewish believers. If indeed Jesus is the Messiah, a horrible thing had occurred. The Jews had crucified their Messiah and King. What would now become of them? Was God through with them? At this point Matthew had a word of encouragement, for though their act of disobedience would bring judgment on that generation of Israelites, God was not through with His people.” The Bible Knowledge Commentary



Our Sovereign _______ Moves the Whole ________ for His ________




Introduction to Matthew

The Promised One

·        The Royal Genealogy From Abraham to Christ (Matt 1:1-17)

2 Lives and An Incarnation

·        The Son of God is Born to Joseph and Mary (Matt 1:18-25)

East, West, the Heavens & Earth

·        The Coming of the Magi (Matt 2:1-12)

Run, Baby, Run

·        Joseph Flees While Herod Destroys the Hebrew Boys (Matt 2:13-23)

Series Information