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Jan 18, 2009 | Lance Hahn

Matthew - Part 26

Paid In Full  -  Matthew Series - Pt. 26

1/17/09 -1/18/09 - Matthew 27:32 - 28:20

The Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ

"That there was no room in the inn was symbolic of what was to happen to Jesus. The only place there was room for Jesus was on the cross."  William Barclay

"The cross is rough and deadly, but it is effective." A. W. Tozer

"Only one person has ever come back from the dead to tell us authoritatively what lies beyond, and that was Jesus Christ." Carl F. H. Henry

"Jesus' resurrection makes it impossible for man's story to end in chaos - it has to move inexorably towards light, towards life, towards love." Carlo Caretto

The __________ explains everything: _______ and ____________.


Questions for the Heart and Spirit

1.) Have you ever mocked anyone or anything?  Have you ever been mocked?  Discuss the feelings you experienced.

2.) Have you ever been forced to do anything?  What were the circumstances, and who forced you?  What sort of force was used?  How did that make you feel?

3.) Have you ever willingly done something that hurt you, but benefited others?  What were the circumstances, and what was the motivation for doing it?  What was Jesus` motivation for doing what He did in today`s scripture  


Questions for the Mind

1.) Read:  Jn 18: 33-37  Why did Jesus come into the world?  What was His motivation?  Did He succeed?  Why do you conclude that He did or didn`t?  Give reasons.

2.) Read:  Matt 27:35; Ps 22:18; Lev 16:8; Josh 16:8-10; 1 Sam 14:42 Where did casting lots come from? Is there a difference between the lots cast in Matthew and those in Lev and Joshua?  Is it any different than tossing a coin today?

3.) Read:  Review Matt 27:41-50 and Matt 26:36-39  Why do you think Jesus endured the mocking, and allowed His crucifixion to proceed?  Could he have come down from the cross and stopped the crucifixion?  What brings you to this conclusion?



Research the significance of each step of Christ's death detailed In verses 45-50.  Use commentaries and other reference books.  Pray for wisdom and understanding.


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