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Dec 30, 2007


The Book of Philemon
Restoration and Reconciliation in Community

“There is no place in the Body of Christ for an individualism that does not care about others… Never are we more like God than when we forgive. Never are we more like Christ than when we pay someone else's debt so that reconciliation can take place.”  John MacArthur.

“He who, by the good providence of God, has property and influence thus to employ, and a heart to do it, need not envy the state of the highest ecclesiastic in the church of Christ. Both the heart and the means to do secular good are possessed by few, whereas multitudes are found willing both to teach in and govern the church.” Adam Clarke

“Christ’s ministers are your souls’ physicians. We are not fiddlers to tickle your ears, nor confectioners to please your palates, but physicians to cure your diseases; and if you nauseate our most needful medicines we are not withhold them, and gratify you with sugared poisons.” 
C. H. Spurgeon

“Despite Philemon's spiritual maturity and deep love for Paul, the apostle knew it would be humanly difficult for him to forgive Onesimus.” John MacArthur

_______________ is the ________ of God

From All of Us
•    Meeting the Crew in Rome (1:1-3)
My Good Brother
•    Paul Comments on the Incredible Character of Philemon (1:4-7)
Under My Cover
•    Paul Intercedes for Onesimus the Slave (1:8-11)
Be Good To Him
•    Paul Sends Onesimus Back to Philemon (1:12-16)
Picture It’s Me
•    Paul Challenges Philemon to do the Right Thing (1:17-21)
Bye For Now
•    Paul Sends Greetings to Colossae (Philemon 1:22-25)

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