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Mar 29, 2009 | Lance Hahn

Revelation - Part 5

March 28-29, 2009 • Clear!!!! • Revelation 3:1-6

The longings of a regenerated heart are for His Word, for prayer, for worship, for fellowship with God and His people, for service, for holiness, for witness, and for being home with Him in His eternal kingdom” Mark Driscoll, Vintage Church

A real firebrand is distressing to the devil and when a wide-awake believer comes along, taking the Gospel seriously, we can expect sinister maneuvering for his downfall.” Vance Havner

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Questions for the Heart and Spirit   

  1. How can you tell if you are dead or alive in the sense spoken of the Sardis church?  How can others tell?  Is it possible to change from being dead?  How?
  2. In Revelation 3 John says to wake up! Strengthen what remains and is about to die…What in your life have you allowed to wither which needs to be strengthened so it does not die? How will you strengthen what is about to die? 
  3. Read Rev 3:3. Are you asleep and allowing life to go on without you? What safeguards do you have in place to help you obey and repent daily?  How can you encourage and help others develop those safeguards?

Questions for the Mind      

  1. 1.      READ:  Num 23:19; Matt3:1-2; Mk 6:7-12;Lk5:31-32; Acts 2:37-40

What does it really mean to repent, and why was Jesus so keen on it?  How do you repent if you are dead, and does it really help at that point?  Is this literal or symbolic or what?  How would you know?

  1. 2.      READ:  Matt 24:42-44; Jn10:7-12; 1 Thess 5:2-6; 2 Pet 3:10-12; Rev 3:3

How does the thief come and for what purpose in each of these references?  What characteristics of a thief do you think Jesus might be referring to in Rev 3:3?  Why would he give them a warning?  Do you think it might apply to us also?  Why would you think that it might or might not?

  1. 3.      READ:  Matt 17:1-2; 28:1-6; Acts 1:9-11; Rev 3:4-5; 3:17-18; 7:9-14

Soiled garments?  What is this about?  Were they white before they were soiled?  It seems everyone who is with the Lord is issued white garments?  When does one get them?  What is the importance of having white garments?  Do we really have to buy these? (Ref Rev 3:18)


  • Summarize all the benefits accrued to the overcomers of the seven churches
  • Summarize all the warnings to the seven churches.
  • Would you rather have the benefits or the penalties?  Be an overcomer!

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