How to Read Your Bible

You love exploring the Scriptures in awesome sermons, but do you struggle to understand the Bible when you read it by yourself? Would you like to learn to read Scripture the same way our pastors do and gain better clarity and insight? In this six-session course, you will learn techniques and tips that will help you read, interpret, and apply God’s Word.

In this first session, Pastor Matt introduces the concepts of interpretation and exegesis.

In this session, Pastor Matt explains the concept of exegesis and gives some principles that can help us interpret Scripture accurately.

In this session, Pastor Matt discusses application and shows how to move from understanding the text to applying it to our lives.

In this session, Pastor Matt takes a deeper dive into exegesis and leads us in some practice exegetical exercises.

In this session, Pastor Brian uses a story from Luke 24 to show us how Jesus taught the Bible and how we can read the Bible with Jesus at the center.

Session 6

In this final session, Pastor Matt reviews some of the interpretive methods discussed in the class and answers some common criticisms that are made about the Bible.

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