Next Steps

Taking the Best Next Step

We want to be your church family. Being a part of a family is more than observing from afar; it is participating and investing. We participate and invest by spending time with one another, serving one another, and growing deeper in love with Jesus as we grow closer to each other. Below are some easy next steps to help you move from observing Bridgeway to being a part of the Bridgeway family.

Your next steps could be to visit us in person, get connected in a group, celebrate your decision to follow Christ through baptism, join a class to deepen your faith, serve on a team, take a discover class, or become a member. Whatever step you are ready to take, we are here to help you succeed.


Next Steps to More Connections

Plan Your Visit

Come experience our weekend services.


An 8-week small group experience to help you find your people.


Various types of groups to help you connect.

Next Steps to Deepen Faith and Understanding


Celebrate your decision to follow Jesus through baptism.


Faith seeking understanding


Serving is a spiritual decision. When we serve we deepen our faith and commitment to God’s plan.


Discover how God created you and how you fit into His kingdom with this 4-week class.


Become a member when you are ready to call Bridgeway home.

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