Our Story

Our Story

Bridgeway Christian Church was founded in 1996 when three churches in the Sacramento region realized that they were all drawing people from the Roseville area.

About twenty families from Arcade Church in Sacramento, Lakeside Church in Folsom, and Sun River Church in Rancho Cordova served as the core group called to plant Bridgeway. These families spent some time together dreaming of what Bridgeway could become as they met in homes, halls, restaurants, and other church buildings. These were very foundational days and significant planning and dreaming occurred.

In 1997, the pastor Arcade Church sent to provide the initial leadership returned to Arcade and we were off on our own. In 1998, Lance Hahn received the call of the Lord to become the Senior Pastor, and immediately, Bridgeway began to grow.

We moved into our first building, a 35-year-old warehouse near the corner of Cirby and Riverside on Kenroy Lane. The building was 5500 square feet, old, cold in the winter, and hot in the summer with a leaky roof and no visibility to the community. But God continued to grow His church on Kenroy until Bridgeway reached about 400 regular attendees.

On Easter Sunday 2005, Bridgeway Christian Church relocated to a 15,000 square foot location on Placer Corporate Drive. Over a five-year period, Bridgeway experienced its greatest period of growth as weekend attendance more than tripled, bringing the average weekend attendance to near 1500 attendees. In February of 2009, we moved right across the parking lot from the old building on Placer Corporate Drive.

In late 2015, we purchased a new facility just a few miles down the road where we are currently located. After significant modification we moved into this facility in June of 2016. Not only has Bridgeway experienced a very real growth in numbers, but it has also grown into a wonderful place of spiritual depth in Christ where people grow to be more like Jesus.

By design, Bridgeway Christian Church has grown to be a Scripture-soaked, Spirit-led community expectantly seeking transformation into our identity in Jesus, and we exist to equip one another to bring the wholeness of Jesus to a broken world.

Our Culture

Every group of people that comes together has its own culture – a mix of people and experiences and personalities that seem to take on a life of their own.

We believe in complete authenticity at Bridgeway. When we ask you how you are, we want an honest answer. Everyone has baggage, everyone has a past and pain and good times and bad times. At Bridgeway, there’s no need to gloss over or hide who you are or where you came from. In fact, we won’t stand for that. We all need to be open and honest if we want to experience community the way God intended it to be.

The leadership at Bridgeway is composed of staff, elders, and ministry team leaders (MTLs). Staff meets weekly, and elders and the MTLs meet monthly to touch base, grow and learn, pray for each other, and share what is happening in their ministries. Additionally, each MTL is overseen by a pastor or director who is able to provide guidance, prayer, and encouragement.

You are encouraged to come to Bridgeway just as you are. Our congregation is made up of people from vastly different backgrounds, and we gather together each week to explore God’s word and grow in Christ with one another.

A Testimony of Transformation

Here are some stories of how Jesus has changed lives through Bridgeway.

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