The purpose of this content is to offer the Bridgeway community and those considering joining the Bridgeway community some insight into our approach to five different key issues. These issues are not core doctrines – people can disagree with us on these issues and still be faithful Christians – but they are important secondary issues. Because our position on these issues influences our approach to ministry, we feel it is important to be as clear as possible about our positions and the biblical basis for them. 

"These happen to be five of the more passionate convictions that we’ve been given to carry."
- Pastor Lance Hahn


In the introduction, Pastor Lance and Pastor Brian introduce the five Bridgeway Distinctives and clarify the difference between a distinctive and core doctrine. They also briefly explain why these areas of focus are convictions we have as a church and help to understand the biblical basis for our convictions.

Episode 1: Supernatural

In this episode, we cover what is means to be a supernatural ministry and the role Scripture plays in the way we think about and practice supernatural ministry. We also discuss how to keep a supernatural ministry healthy and what that looks like here at Bridgeway.

Episode 2: Women in Leadership

In this episode, we discuss the two main viewpoints regarding women in church leadership and which stance Bridgeway teaches. We also discuss what women in leadership looks like at Bridgeway and what we aspire for it to look like. Finally, we answer the question, "how does a church lose out if it doesn’t include women in its highest levels of leadership?"

Episode 3: Racial Justice

Why is racial justice close to God’s heart? In this episode, we talk through ethnic tensions and racial justice and what the Bible teaches us about the importance of racial equality. With conversations about racial justice being so uncomfortable, we highlight how to have productive, Christ-centered conversations about the topic.

Episode 4: LGBTQ+

In this episode, we discuss the difference between acceptance and affirmation of the LGBTQ+ community and where Bridgeway falls on the topic. We also highlight how we can seek to create an accepting environment for LGBTQ+ individuals at Bridgeway.

Episode 5: Regional Unity

In this episode, we discuss what it means to have regional unity and why we make it a point to speak positively about other churches. We believe it's important for local churches to work together and there are specific ways Bridgeway practices regional unity.

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