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What is Victus MSC

vīctus m (genitive vīctūs):
living, way of life, lifestyle, nourishment, provision, diet, that which sustains life

We named our worship ministry Victus MSC (Music) because we believe worship is a core part of our relationship with the Lord. It’s an essential part of our spiritual diet and the point of our existence. Worship is for God alone and out of His goodness; as a byproduct, he uses our worship to encourage and sustain us. It nourishes our souls when we sing His praises and declare His goodness because we are reminded of the God we serve! Worship sustained Paul and Silas in prison; it tore down the walls of Jericho and is the greatest weapon we have against the work of the enemy. We are committed to living a life of worship and bringing forth songs that lift His name high and encourage His church to keep its eyes on Him.

A song for Christmas

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Joy to the World

A free song for Christmas.

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