Readings and Audio

Three days a week, one week at a time.

Week 2 - Genuine Community

Day One - Authentically Known
Day Two - Church is People, Not Place
Day Three - What is a Community Group?

Week 3 - Love in the Measure of Maturity

Day One - What is A Mature Christian?
Day Two - Emotional Health and the Maturity to Love
Day Three - The Best Kind of Sacrifice

Week 4 - How to Hear God’s Voice

Day One - The Voice
Day Two - Positioned to Listen
Day Three - Involving Others

Week 5 - Dinner and Fun

There is no homework for this week

Week 6 - Counter Formation

Day One - The Sum of Our Influences
Day Two - Counter Formational Practices and Relationships
Day Three - The Goal of Counter Formation

Week 7 - Practicing Empathy

Day One - A Hidden Relational Superpower
Day Two - What Empathy is Not
Day Three - How to Grow in Empathy

Week 8 - Forgiveness

Day One - The Possibility of Forgiveness
Day Two - Confession and Reconciliation
Day Three - Forgiveness in Community

Week 9 - Everyday Mission

Day One - We All Have a Purpose
Day Two - Our Purpose Looks Like Blessing
Day Three - Show and Tell
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