Local CAre

Bridgeway’s partners with local organizations and creates opportunities to help individuals and families through hard times. We have five ministries that we feature below as well as Assist Care.

Budget Care

Trained budget coaches assist individuals and families in getting their finances in order by walking them through a biblical financial curriculum. Plans can also be made to aide in the process of relieving indebtedness, create a spending plan, create a stewardship plan, or with other needs. To become a budget coach or to request budget assistance, please click here.  

Community Closet

Community Closet is a Bridgeway ministry, which provides those in need to pick up fresh produce, milk, eggs, produce, and other food items each Thursday from 11:00am-12:00pm. Please contact us if Thursday is near or on a holiday to confirm we're open. If you would like more information, interested in serving in this ministry, or need services yourself please click here.

 The Gathering Inn

The Gathering Inn serves the homeless of Placer County. Comprehensive services address the mental health, addiction, employment, medical, dental, and basic needs of the homeless throughout the day with on-site programs. Bridgeway hosts these guests from this program over night in our lobby on the first Thursday each month. Bridgeway provides them a meal and offers fun activities to participate in when available. If you are interested in more information or would like to serve these guests, please click here.

The Genesis Process

We all must make changes in order to become healthy people. The Genesis Process provides Christians with the insight and tools necessary to live free from the unhealthy thoughts, attitudes and behaviors which rob us of the life and relationships God created us for. Whatever challenge is keeping you stuck- be it addiction, anger, anxiety, fear, hopelessness, procrastination, etc.- there is hope for healing and lasting change. Genesis Process Change Groups are a safe and supportive place to grow in community. If you are interested in joining a change group, please click here.