Coffee & Theology

This Summer Bridgeway is excited to host another series of Coffee & Theology nights. Join us on Tuesdays in June, July, and August for casual theological discussions with our guest scholars and Christian leaders. Topics will include A Theology of Communion, Hebrew Poetry, Essential Church Doctrines, Historical Theological Traditions, and a Theology of Sex. 

These events are FREE to attend, however, we encourage you to purchase a hot drink & snack for the night (all proceeds go towards Israel Study Tour Scholarships).

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upcoming discussions:

Theology of J.R.R. Tolkien and Lord of the Rings
Pastor Matt Bach
Date: Tuesday, July 12th

How do Hobbits, Elves, Orcs, Wizards and the literary genre of myth (fantasy) affirm concepts of faith, God, and truth? J.R.R. Tolkien, known for his epic novels, wrote in a letter to a friend, "The Lord of the Rings  is, of course, a fundamentally religious and Christian work; unconsciously so at first, but consciously in the revision." This session will address how God used a non-biblical story, to reveal something divine about himself and our understanding of this life.


Theology of Doctrine: The line between Heresy and Orthodoxy (Or Essential and Secondary Doctrines)
Mark Beuving
Date: Tuesday, July 26th

On his last night with his disciples, Jesus prayed that his followers would be completely unified with one another. Tragically, one of the most enduring features of Christianity throughout the centuries has been the way we divide over doctrine. In this discussion, Mark will guide us in processing a theology of doctrine. What constitutes essential versus non-essential doctrine? How do we determine this? Is there hope for the Church to embody the unity Jesus described while still holding to the truth of Scripture? Absolutely. Join us to process this important topic. 


Theology of Hebrew Poetry
Dr. Libby Backfish
Date: Tuesday, August 9th

More than one half of the Old Testament (and about one third of the Bible as a whole) is comprised of poetry. In this presentation, Dr. Libby Backfish will explore how a deeper understanding of Hebrew poetry can offer a deeper understanding of the theology of the Bible. We will look at poetic devices that are probably familiar to most of us, such as metaphor and personification, as well as some features that are more distinctive of Hebrew poetry, such as parallelism.


Theology of Communion
Dr. David Nystrom
Date: Tuesday, August 23rd 

Communion.  The Lord's Supper.  The Eucharist.  When we participate in this rite we are part of an unbroken chain extending to Jesus himself.  In this Coffee and Theology we will think together about what Jesus meant for communion to be, what Christians throughout history and around the world think about it, about what is happening when we partake of it, and we will consider how we ought to understand it and understand ourselves when we partake of it.