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Jul 02, 2006

Judges Part 1

The Cost of Compromise
Judges Series – Part 1
Judges 1:1-2:5
Israel Loses Momentum Cutting Corners

“The people of Israel owned all the land, but they didn’t possess all of it; and therefore they couldn’t enjoy all of it…The Jews could have enjoyed total victory; instead, they settled for a compromise.” Warren Wiersbe

“God is perpetually at war with sin; that is the whole explanation of the extermination of the Canaanites.” G. Campbell Morgan

A Little ____________ Today Means a Little ___________ Tomorrow

Brothers in Arms
•    Judah Carries on a Victorious Campaign (1:1-7)

Holy City Fire, Batman!
•    Judah Takes Jerusalem & Continues in Victory (1:8-10)

Auction Block Girl
•    Othniel Takes a City and Gets a Wife (1:11-15)

All Over It
•    Judah is Devastating the Canaanites (1:16-18)

Defeat Comes Knocking
•    Judah sees Defeat and the Benjamites Can’t Get Started (1:19-21)

The Ol’ Rahab 1, 2.
•    Ephraim Takes Bethel (1:22-26)

Total and Complete Failure
•    The Rest of the Tribes Fail Miserably (1:27-36)

Who’s That Knocking on Your Front Door?
•    God Calls Israel to Account (2:1-3)

So Sorry
•    The People Weep in Their Sin (2:4-5)

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