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Jul 30, 2006

Judges Part 4

Strength in Weakness
Judges Series – Part 4
Judges 6
God Calls Gideon as a Deliverer

“Who am I to think myself above God’s charity? And why would I forsake the riches of God’s righteousness for the dung of my own ego?...A beggar’s kingdom is better than a proud man’s delusion.” Donald Miller, Blue Like Jazz

“I wonder how many churches would want a CEO with the credentials of some of the people God used in the Bible?  Moses was eighty years old when he began his ministry and he was wanted for murder in Egypt.  Jacob was a schemer. Elijah suffered from depression, and so did Jeremiah.  Hosea couldn’t keep his marriage together. Amos, a farmer, had no ministerial training.  Peter tried to kill a man with his sword.  John Mark was a quitter, and Paul couldn’t get along with his associate Barnabas.” Warren Wiersbe

God Uses the ______ to Demonstrate His ________
Bound Again
•    Israel’s Evil Lands Them in Midian’s Hands (6:1-6)

What Is Your Problem?
•    God Has a Word with Israel (6:7-10)

When God Comes Walking By
•    God Arrives & Assures Victory (6:11-16)

The Altar of Doubt
•    Gideon Asks God for Proof (6:17-24)

Trial Run
•    God Gives Gideon His First Task (6:25-27)

The Contender
•    The Men of the Town Want Gideon’s Head (6:28-32)

Brothers In Arms
•    Gideon Rallies the Troops (6:33-35)

The Soggy Fleece of Doubt
•    Gideon Seeks Two More Signs From God (6:36-40)

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