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Aug 13, 2006

Judges Part 6

Legacy of Rot
Judges Series – Part 6
Judges Chapter 9
Gideon’s Son Fails as a Leader

“(In) the neglectful home…parents are under-involved in meaningful ways with their children.  The neglect may be present in several situations: alcoholic or workaholic homes, or parents who are preoccupied, distant, or emotionally closed.  In each case the message to other family members is the same: ‘You’re just not very important to me!’  As a result, family members set out to earn their rightful recognition through performing in order to gain approval. A child might seek attention through academics, athletics, popularity, or from disruptive behavior.  The message is always, ‘Notice me, I’m important!” David Ferguson, Intimate Encounters

“Fathers have tremendous power to shape our lives, a power inherent in the family structure as ordained by God. God designed the father to be the head of the home, and so each of us is wired to long for the love of our fathers. When fathers abuse their God-given place in our lives, they leave a legacy of confusion and heartache for their children.”
Rick McKinley, Jesus in the Margins

_______ Will Be Your _________?

Enter Abimelech
•    Gideon’s Son Seeks the Throne (v. 1-3)
The Bloody ‘King’
•    Shechem Funds the Genocide (v. 4-6)
Jotham’s Fable
•    Gideon’s Youngest Condemns in Fable (v. 7-15)
Jotham’s Prophecy
•    Gideon’s Youngest Pronounces Judgment on His Brother (v. 16-21)
Trouble’s A Stirrin’
•    God Begins Judgment on Abimelech (v. 22-25)
A New Cowboy in Town
•    Gaal Challenges Abimelech’s Leadership (v. 26-29)
Zebul Undercover
•    The Governor Instigates a Reaction to Gaal (v. 30-33)
•    Abimelech Destroys Shechem (v. 34-45)
Towering Inferno
•    Abimelech Burns & Sieges (v. 46-49)
Man Killed by Sewing Machine!
•    Abimelech Besieges Thebez to His Own Demise (v. 50-55)
God Mops Up the Mess
•    God Finishes the Prophecy & Executes Judgment (v. 56-57)

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