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Aug 20, 2006

Judges Part 7

Keeping Your Head in the Chaos
Judges Series – Part 7
Judges Chapters 10, 11 & 12
The Ups & Downs of Jephthah the Deliverer

“If we let the boat drift with the stream, and leave our religion to random influences, without care of thought, what can we look for but slovenliness and worthlessness?  If we would please God we must watch every stroke and touch upon the canvas of our lives...”
C. H. Spurgeon

During the ______, Cling to the ______

Chapter 10
Jair & the Son of a Dodo
•    Israel Has 2 More Leaders (10:1-5)
When Your God is Too Small
•    Israel Falls Into Idolatry & Pays for It (10:6-9)
What Did I Tell You?
•    God Reminds Israel of His Covenant (10:10-16)
Gilead Up for Grabs
•    Israel Seeks a Champion for Deliverance (10:17-18)

Chapter 11
Where Does God Get These Guys?
•    Another Unlikely Deliverer (11:1-3)
Sign Me Up
•    Jepthah Becomes Head of Gilead (11:4-11)
Let Me Jog Your Memory
•    Jephthah Challenges the Ammonites (11:12-28)
A Rash Problem
•    Jephthah Makes a Hasty Vow (11:29-35)
Hills of Weeping
•    Jephthah’s Daughter Mourns His Decision (11:36-40)

Chapter 12
Are You Kidding Me?
•    Ephraim Complains Again (12:1-3)
Brothers Against Brothers
•    The Gileadites Fight the Ephraimites (12:4-6)
Rising to be Average
•    Jephthah Dies & is Followed by Mediocrity (12:7-15)

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