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Nov 04, 2007

Malachi Part 1

The Aroma of Arrogance in Community
Chapter 1
God Knocks Israel (& Edom) Down a Notch

“The truth is this – pride must die in you, or nothing of heaven can live in you.”  Andrew Murray

“If you’ve attempted to build a spiritual life from the outside in, bypassing humility, you probably feel tired, disillusioned, frustrated, or just plain lifeless…The surest road to humility is a constant remembrance of God. When we don’t take time to dwell on the power, beauty, holiness, awesomeness, and majesty of God, humility becomes a stranger, and pride becomes a raging force.”
Gary Thomas, Not the End but the Road

When You _____ All the ______, God ______ Strangely _______

Listen Up People
•    God speaks through Malachi to Israel (1:1)
Unrequited Love
•    The Love of God is Unreturned by Israel (1:2-3)
Go Ahead, I Dare You
•    A Warning to Edom (1:4-5)
Just Playing the Game
•    Israel Disrespects the Lord (1:6-9)
Just Go Home
•    God’s Honor Demands True, Genuine Worship (1:10-11)
Not Worth It
•    Israel Views the Worship of God as a Burden (1:12-14)

Helpful Info on Understanding Malachi
1st Return to Jerusalem – 538 B.C; Temple Rebuilt – 520 B.C.
Haggai                520 B.C.
Zechariah            520 B.C.
Ezra                500 B.C.
Esther                480 B.C.
Nehemiah            440 B.C.
Malachi                430 B.C.
Inter-Testamental Period - Maccabees
Jesus                c.4 B.C.

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