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Mar 30, 2008

Proverbs - Part 3

Bad Apples
Proverbs Series – Pt. 3
Selections of Proverbs
Choosing Your Relationships Wisely

“If you want to avoid the devil, stay away from his neighborhood.” Robert L. Alden

“You become what you worship.” Unknown

A righteous person does not take on just anybody as a friend; he chooses his friends carefully (‘searches out’ or ‘investigates’).” The Bible Knowledge Commentary

“The only difference between a prostitute and an adulterer is that one has better business sense.” Lance Hahn

_____________ Shape You _____ Than Almost __________ Else
Bad Role Models - The Power of Envy

Bad Friends - Being Selective - The Power of Ethos
• Types of Friends Proverbs tells us to avoid:
1. The Wicked – The Predators (plan to harm, thieves, liars) & the Perverted (Those that thrive on Evil)
2. The Confused – Gossips, Talkers, Cynics, Angry, Stingy, Over-Indulgent, Rebellious, Unfaithful
• Ways to Avoid Bad Friends:
1. Resisting the temptation of ‘sinners’ –
A. The enticement of the act itself
B. The enticement of brotherhood or community
C. The enticement of the gain
2. Thinking Through the Consequences
3. Avoiding them Entirely
4. Strongly Remove Them From Your Life
5. Don’t Become Indebted to Them

Bad Relationships – Women (Adulteress, Prostitutes & Unhealthy girls)
• Methods of Temptation in Unhealthy Relationships: Seductive words, Flirtatious Beauty, Overt Sexuality
• Ways to Escape Wicked Relationships
1. Avoid them entirely
2. Focus on your current spouse
3. Control your passions – Guard your heart & eyes
4. Listen to wise advice
5. Don’t Be Naïve
• Consequences of Choosing (Falling Into) Wicked Relationships

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