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May 17, 2009 | Lance Hahn

Revelation - Part 11


“Visions are best to be experienced rather than analyzed. Those who approach Revelation with a sympathetic imagination are most apt to understand its true meaning.” 

Robert Mounce, NICNT


“Without the vision of Revelation 4 and 5 - the Lamb is on the throne - the vision of Revelation 6 and following would be unbearable.”

Darrell Johnson, Discipleship on the Edge


Local ­­­­______________ Does Not Change the _______’s _______________.



Questions for the Heart and Spirit

1) Many of us have memorized the “Lord’s Prayer”(Mat 6:9-13). Have you ever considered that you are praying for the events in Revelation? How should this impact your prayer life?

2) How does it make you feel that God is going to pour out His judgment to the world?

3) How has Christ’s worthiness been proven & provided us with salvation?

Questions for the Mind:

READ: Rev 6: 1-8 & review Rev 4 & 5

  • Where do the scenes in Rev 4&5 take place? What is the overall picture? Where are the events in Rev 6 taking place? As we continue in Revelation look for this pattern to be repeated. Why is this significant? Who commands these judgments?

READ: Rev 6: 1-2, 19:11; Mat 24:4-15; Dan 9:25-27; Acts 3:20-21; 2Thes 2:3-12

  • Who is this rider? Same as rider in Rev 19:11? What is the context of each passage? What are the warnings given? What does a white horse suggest? What does “a crown was given” imply? 

READ: Rev 6:3-4;Mat 24:6-7; 2 Thes 2:7-8; Ezek 38 &29

  • Who is this rider? What does the red horse represent? What does the large sword imply? How does Ezekiel tie in?

READ: Rev 6:5-8; Lk 21:11-16; Zech 6:2-6

Ÿ         What does each horse’s color represent? What do the scales represent? What is the  economic implication? How does this play into the end times scenario?

Ÿ         Who is riding the pale horse? Who is following? Look up Hades in the dictionary. Is it the same place as Hell? What forms of death are referred to? How do they relate?


Ÿ         Rev 6 provides us with God’s revelation of the dramatic & terrible judgment, which will climax the present age. How are you going to take this warning to unbelievers? We are called as witnesses. What are you doing with this calling? Do you need to step it up?

Ÿ         When your fears throw you into a panic, remember who is in control- He is the one who gave His life for yours.

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