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Mar 08, 2009 | Lance Hahn

Revelation - Part 2

The God Among Us-Revelation Series – Pt. 2

3/7/09-3/8/09 – Revelation 1:4b-20

Jesus Pulls Back the Curtain of Reality


“Everything John sees and hears is bracketed by this great fact: Jesus, the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world, is coming. Not ‘will come’ but ‘is coming.’ The process is happening at this very moment. Jesus Christ is not sitting on the throne passively anticipating some future date when he gets up and moves toward us. He is moving even now. He is coming.” Darrell Johnson, Discipleship on the Edge



_____ is infinitely _______ His children in both __________ times and _____________.


Questions for the Heart and Spirit

  1. What does the author claim is contained in this Book of Revelation?
  2. Why is the message written to seven churches?
  3. What do you find in this passage that supports the existence of the Trinity?

Questions for the Mind

  1. READ:  Rev 1:5; Matt 1:1; 1:18-21; 3:16; 4:23; 9:35; 27:50-54

Is the Jesus of Rev 1:4 the same Jesus of the Matthew passages?  How do you know that?  What are the implications if it is the same Jesus?

  1. Read:  Gen 25:21-34; Gen 48:10-20; Acts 26:22-23; Col 1:13-18

What is the significance of being the firstborn?  Is it the same as being the firstborn from the dead?  What is the significance of that designation?

  1. Read:  Rev 1:8; Gen 17:1; Ex 6:3; EZ 10:5;

Who is the Almighty?  What part does He play here in the introduction to the Book of Revelation?  What relationship does He have with John?

  1. READ:  Lk 2:27; Acts 19:21; Rom 8:9; 1 Cor 6:11; Eph 3:5; Rev 1:10-16

What does it mean to be “in the Spirit”?  Is this the Holy Spirit? Who was speaking to John in the Revelation passage?

5.      READ:  Rev 1:9-11; Ex 34:27-28; Deut 6:4-9; Jer 30:2-3

When God commanded people to write, what was His purpose?  Was it the same or different with John?  Does this give you a clue as to Gods purpose for the book of Revelation?


§         Make a list of the names, characteristics or titles ascribed to Jesus in today’s passage.  Does this leave any doubt in your mind as to who the Bible claims Jesus to be?

§         Pray that God will give you clarity of understanding as to His message as we study His Revelation.


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