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Aug 09, 2009 | Lance Hahn

Revelation - Part 23


“Worry does not empty tomorrow of its sorrow; it empties today of its strength.” Corrie Ten Boom


“True peace is not merely the absence of tension; it is the presence of justice.” Martin Luther King Jr.


“One of the things Christ definitely promised us was trouble.” Peter Marshall


“There is a time when to avoid trouble is to store up trouble, and when to seek for a lazy and a cowardly peace is to court a still greater danger.” William Barclay



As ________ As The _______ Seems, You Always Want to be On _____ Side









Questions for the Heart and Spirit

  • When is it most difficult for you to worship the LORD? When is it the easiest?
  • Do you feel like God has a special purpose for your life? Did you use to think He did, but now you are not so sure?
  • What can you do to see His hope more clearly when things are difficult?
  • Do others see you as “marked for Christ”?

Questions for the Mind:

READ:  Rev 14:1, 7:3-4; Isa 24:23, 28:16; Heb 12:22-24

  • What do you see in Rev 14:1? Where are they? Who is there? Why Mt. Zion? Is
  • this the heavenly or earthly Zion? When would you say this takes place? Why the
  • Lamb not the Lion of Judah? What is on their foreheads? What does it signify?

READ: Rev 14:2-3, 5:8-10; Pslm 33:3, 40:3, 96:1; Ezk 1:24-28

  • Who is speaking? Who is singing? What is the significance of a “new song”? Why 
  •  is it so special? Look up the Greek word for new- “kainos”. In what sense is this
  • song new? Why could only the 144,000 learn it? Look up the Greek verb for learn
  • -“manqanw”. What insight does the Ezekiel vision add?

READ: Rev 14: 4-5, 5:9,7:9; 2 Cor 11:2; James 1:18; Jer

2:3; Eph 5:27

  • How are the 144,000 described? List their characteristics. How do you interpret their
  • apparent celibacy? Is this literal or symbolic? What special honor is suggested by the
  • description of “being firstfruits to God and the Lamb”? How are they blameless?


Ÿ         These 5 verses of Revelation remind us that however desperate things can appear, Jesus is ultimately the Victor and we have victory in Him. Share this message with someone who needs the encouragement.

Ÿ         The NAS bible entitles Psalm 96 “ A Call to Worship the LORD the Righteous Judge”. Read it aloud by yourself, with your family or your study group with great joy!

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