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Aug 23, 2009 | Lance Hahn

Revelation - Part 25

Righteous Enough to Judge l Revelation 15:1-8


“In the perfect vision of God self is wholly forgotten.”

R. H. Charles


“We think we are headed toward the future. The truth is, the future is headed toward us…The present makes clearest sense in light of the future. We humans write history by looking at the past. God creates history ahead of time…He began with the end in mind.”

Reggie McNeal



No One Will ______ God ________ on the Day They _____ What He ______









Questions for the Heart and Spirit

  1. Last week Lance focused on Jesus’ teachings of two camps:  wheat and chaff, sheep, and goats, etc.  Are you firm in understanding which camp you’re in?
  2. 2.       Do you agree with the R.H. Charles quote?  How can self be wholly forgotten when bliss is experienced?

Questions for the Mind

  1. READ:  Rev 4:1, 8:1, 11:19, 15:1-8.  Just as earlier vision cycles began with an opening of God’s heavenly sanctuary, so the cycle of bowls containing the last plagues is introduced.  First were Seals, then Trumpets, and now bowls.  So there are 3 sets of 7.  Is there any significance to these numbers?
  2. 2.       READ:  Ex. 9:24, Mt. 3:12, Heb. 12: 29, Rev. 15:2-4, Ps. 92:5, 111:2, 98:1, 139:14, 145:17, 86:9, 1 Sam 2:2, Ps. 99:3, 111:9, 86:9.  What is the meaning of the sea of glass mixed with “fire” this time?  Who are “those who had conquered the beast?”  What are the parallels/ differences in “The song of Moses and the song of the Lamb?”  The praises are almost verbatim out of the psalms and OT?  What are the reasons for going back to the OT?  What are the only pronouns used in the songs?  Why is that important?
  3. 3.       READ:  Rev 15:6, 19:7-8, 1:13, Dan. 10:5.  Why do you think these angels were in the temple? What does their attire signify, and, specifically why are there details of a “sash around their chests?”
  4. 4.       READ:  Ex. 40:34, 35, 1 Kings 8:10, 11, Isa. 6:4, Rev. 15:8.  We have seen the sanctuary of the Lord filled with smoke many times in the Old Testament.  What is the significance of the smoke? How is it different in Revelation than in the past? Why would God make his heavenly host/powerful creatures wait until the plagues were finished till they could enter the sanctuary?


  1. 1.       Read; meditate on the song of Moses/song of the Lamb this week.  Remember that God is the sole subject of that passage. As you worship, pray that we might diminish and He might grow.
  2. 2.       So often we look to the Book of Revelation for closure. How do we live in the tension that we are still entrusted to spread the gospel, be good stewards of His provision, in light of what we hope will be His returning soon?  Pray that we are energized by the Spirit to live and serve in the present, while keeping our hope for the future.

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