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Sep 13, 2009 | Lance Hahn

Revelation - Part 28

From Riches to Rags l Revelation 18:1-24


“What will finally destroy us is not communism or fascism but man acting like God.” Malcolm Muggeridge


“Pride is a poison so very poisonous that it not only poisons the virtues; it even poisons other vices.” G. K. Chesterton


“Money has demonically usurped the role in modern society which the Holy Spirit is to have in the Church.”

Thomas Merton


“Money has the power, spiritual power, to win our hearts. Behind our coins and dollar bills or whatever material form we choose to give our money are spiritual forces.”

Richard Foster



The ______ to the _________ is One Million Times Faster Than the _____ it Took to _______ up to the _____








Questions for the Heart and Spirit

  1. What lures you away from faith? What replaces faith? Who is your Babylon? How can you be on your guard? 
  2. What are some of today’s hideouts for evil? Think beyond the obvious.
  3. Do you agree with the statement “What we grieve often demonstrates our central value”?       

Questions for the Mind:

  • READ: Rev 18:1-24; Briefly review Isa 13; Jer 50; Ezek 26-28 - Is this the same Babylon as described in Rev 17? List the similarities, then the differences. Rev 17 describes religious Babylon. What title would you give the Babylon of chp 18? When is religious Babylon judged? Who destroys her? When is the Babylon of chpt 18 judged? Who destroys her? Why does John’s portrayal of Babylon’s fall echo throughout history? 
  • READ: Rev 18:1-3; Isa 13:19-21, 21:9 - How is Babylon pictured in vs.2? (Note the strong word pictures) How many nations involved? What are the charges against Babylon? Why does John use the term “fornication”? What is the apparent philosophy of Babylonianism?
  • READ: Rev18: 4-8; Gen 11:1-9;18:20;19:1-28; Jer 50:8;51:45 - Who is addressed in vs 4? What is the angelic voice warning? Do you see the repeated theme? What are the implications for us today? 
  • READ: Rev 18:9-19; Mat 6: 19-21; 1 Tim 6:9-11,17- 19 - What do each of the 3 groups described here represent? Whom are they mourning? What does the long list of merchandise represent? What do you think is meant by “bodies and souls of men” (vs13)? How many times does the phrase “one hour” occur? What’s the significance?
  • READ Rev 18: 20-24; Jer 51:49, 61-64 - What is the command and to whom is it given? What is the primary emphasis of these last few verses? How many times is it said? (vs 14,21,22,23) What does this number represent? What 3 reasons are given for the judgment? How do they provide a commentary on the world today?


  1. Read John 21:15-17. Jesus asks Peter “Do you love Me more than these?” What are your “these”? Keep track for the next week to see if there are any surprises.
  2. It is clear that God will not tolerate Babylonianism forever. Revelation reads as an incredible story but it’s ultimate purpose is not to entertain us but to change individual lives–NOW. What are you waiting for?

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