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Nov 08, 2009 | Lance Hahn

Revelation - Part 35

On the Way Home l Revelation 22:1-6 l Pt. 35


“I pity the man who never thinks about heaven.”

J. C. Ryle


“You are made for a person and a place. Jesus is the person, and heaven is the place. They are a package – they come together. You cannot get heaven without Jesus or Jesus without heaven...There’s no righteous deed we can do that will earn us a place in Heaven…Only when our sins are dealt with in Christ can we enter heaven…Now is the time to make things right with God. Confess your sinfulness and accept the sacrifice of Jesus Christ on your behalf.”

Randy Alcorn



We May Not _______ the ______ But We Sure _____ Where We’re ______.









Questions for the Heart and Spirit

1. Has the study of the book of Revelation changed your idea of heaven, and the nature of the believers life after death?  How has your thinking been changed?  Have the choices given to man been made more clear to you,  along with the consequences of those choices?  Are you prepared to share those choices with unbelievers?

2. What are some of the questions that remain in your mind about the future events predicted in the Book of revelation?  Discuss these with your group.

Questions for the Mind

1. READ:  Jer 2:11-13a; 17:10-13; Zech 14:1-9; Jn 4:7-14; 7:37-39; Rev 7:13-17; 21:6-8; 22:1; 22:17 - Compare the “water of life” to the ”living water”.  Are they the same or different?  What is their source?  What is their purpose?  Who benefits from them?  Are they accessible to everyone?

2. READ:  Gen 2:8-9; 2:15-17; 3:1-24; Prov 3:13-18; Rev 22:1-2; 22:14 -  Compare the “tree of life” to the “tree of the knowledge of good and evil”.  What is the purpose of each?  Why do they only show up in Genesis and in Revelation?  Why is the “tree of life taboo in Genesis and freely given in Revelation?  Are they to be found today?  Where?

3. READ:  Gen 3:14-19; 4:6-12; 5:29; 12:1-3; Deut 11:26-28; Gal 3:6-14; Rev 22:3 - Is the curse of Genesis 3 still in effect?  What is the difference between the curse in the Genesis 3 reference and that of Genesis 4?  Do you think the curse referenced in Gen 5:29 is the Gen 3 curse or the Gen 4 curse?  Do you think the curse referenced in Gen 12 and Deut 11 are still in effect today?  Why or why not?  Why is the statement in Rev 22:3 so important to the believer?


  • Read Hebrews chapter 4.  Research the meaning of “Sabbath-Rest”  Is it for you?  When does it occur?  How does this passage correlate to Revelation 21-22?
  • Pray that God will illuminate the scripture in Revelation to you, and give you wisdom to walk into the future with your new knowledge of Gods plan.

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