Fervent Women’s Ministry exists to support women of all ages, stages and seasons of life as they grow in their relationship with God. All we do supports the core values of Bridgeway—to know God, to love generously, develop disciples, build family (at church and at home) and partner missionally.

Our core verse is 1 Peter 4:8 .  In the NASB  "Above all, keep fervent in your love for one another, because love covers a multitude of sins."

We're here to help you connect with other ladies and our Jesus through Women's Classes, MOPS, Missional Communities, Mentoring and Events.

Any questions or be involved in these ministries, please contact Diane Bussani . We’d love to have you join us!   

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Here's what is happening:



We have the new group of MOPS beginning on Tuesday evening, February 1 and Wednesday morning, February 2 and have lots of mamas coming.  We plan to open registration again on February 28 for a five-week session. Come find your place as we gather moms, pregnant with their first through moms with kindergarten children.  This is a place for you!

For more information, contact .


Women's Classes are coming back soon.  Registration closes January 22 for Session 1 of six-week classes starting the week of January 24-28. We will open registration for Session 2 on February 28. It's another six-week class and you can attend even if you didn't participate in Session 1.

Choose one of the following groups: Tuesday morning, Tuesday evening, Wednesday evening or Friday morning.  We'll be learning about the Spiritual Disciplines.  “…the Spiritual Disciplines are the means God uses to build in us an inner person that is characterized by peace, joy and freedom…They are, most definitely, not works of righteousness” (Richard J. Foster) Want more peace, joy and freedom?  Me, too! 

There will be lots of time for table discussion and practice of the disciplines together. Study, community and Jesus! Can't beat that!

You can register at https://bridgewaycc.churchcenter.com/registrations/events/1120263 

Questions? Email

Women's Missional Communities

We have groups of women who join together for authentic relationship, studying God's word and serving others together.  They meet at least twice a month off campus.  Some of the groups support certain stages of life and others are open to all.   We'll help you connect.  If you're interested in starting one of those groups, we'd love to hear from you.

We have a new group forming in Lincoln. If you live in Lincoln and want to be part of this, email for more information and come join us. It starts February 3. We have a group meeting to discuss BEMA Discipleship Podcasts on Wednesday afternoons twice a month. If you're interested in joining one of these groups, email

If Gathering

IF Gathering Local

Hold the date, April 2, for IF: Local at Bridgeway! Details to follow soon. You won't want to miss it!

Women’s Mentoring: Doing Life Together

Have you ever considered being mentored?  Or considered mentoring?  We have mentors ready to go, but we need more!  If you'd like information about this group of women that support organic and structured mentoring or if you're interested in being mentored, please contact Pam Robertson at    They have ongoing training and mixers.  It's a great time to begin mentoring or be mentored.


Betrayal and Beyond is different than most of the studies Bridgeway Women’s Ministries offers. We are a special group of women, with unique interests, roles and stories, united by one common thing: we have all been impacted by the discovery that we are in relationships with men who struggle with pornography or sexual addiction. For those struggling with betrayal: You will begin to understand the true nature of forgiveness and how to establish healthy boundaries in your relationships. You will also see how the pain of another person's addiction has deepened your own wounds from the past. 

Whether it's adultery, addiction to pornography, or an emotional affair, healing from betrayal can be a long and painful process. Pure Desire groups give you the framework to process your pain with others who can truly empathize. 

Our biblically-based study allows us to grow in our understanding of this addiction, process through our complex thoughts and feelings, and support one another as we each seek to discern our path forward. This is a time when you need Christian women who can support you, women who can relate with the issues you face and who can help you find real and practical answers. Join us as we travel this difficult road together.

The group maintains strict confidentiality.  Registration for the group that begins in Fall is closed, but if you want more information or want support anytime during the year, please email