Bridgeway holds God’s Word in high regard, and we believe it to be inerrant and authoritative. Every decision we make for our congregation is scripture-soaked.

We are not interested in promoting our personal agendas nor allowing the opinions of people to prevail. Either it’s God’s intent, in alignment with what He has expressed in His Scriptures, or it’s not implemented at Bridgeway.

The document above is an abbreviated position paper on Bridgeway’s stand on Women in Ministry and why we believe God has called and positioned women to be involved in all levels of ministry.

The audio below is from our Women in Ministry: Faith & Culture Seminar from October 2021. You can also find the audio by searching for Faith & Culture wherever you download podcasts. Over 10 hours of content will give you better insight into how we understand the intent of scripture and how women are to be included in the leadership of a church. 

Note: the web service we use organizes the audio with the most recent first. We are unable to adjust that at this time. The first episode is from Nov 17th and is the last of these tiles. 

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